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While being a music lover is one thing, being a connoisseur of sound, as the best DJs are, is another thing altogether. DJ Steph Honey is both. Within a few years of entering Toronto’s competitive DJ scene, Steph Honey has made a name for herself as one of the city's rising talents and is far from finished.


From opening for Soca megastar Patrice Roberts, bringing cool summer vibes to the Rose Picnic, being hand picked for the Nike AF1 West Indies x Makeway Campaign, pumping up a crowd of 30K at the Rogers Centre, and gracing the road on a big truck at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, she shines in any space.


Be it through the vibrant rhythms of Soca music, the electrifying sound of Dance or the smooth vibes of R&B, she knows that the DJ’s job goes beyond mixing and matching. It goes beyond playing what is most trendy, most hip, or most mainstream. Her job, and her utmost delight, is finding and presenting sounds that transport the listener into a world of musical joy and discovery.

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